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About Employment Equity Commision About Employment Equity Commision

The Employment Equity Commission’s Vision is -   

To achieve employment equity through the elimination of employment barriers against persons in designated groups.

The Mission Statement

To ensure that all categories of employment within the workforce of every relevant employer reflect our national demographic profile.

Our Mandate

To inquire into whether a relevant employer has adopted, and is implementing an Affirmative Action Plan, and whether any particular affirmative action plan or affirmative action measure meets the objects of the Act, and to take actions prescribed by or under the Act in regard there to.
To advise any person, body, institution, organisation, or interest group, on matters pertaining to the objects of the Act

OUR OPERATIONAL VALUES                                                                                                               

In performing our duties we will operate with the following values:

  • Transparency: We shall strive, at all times, to conduct our business in strict adherence to the principles of democracy and transparency. Confidentiality We shall treat information that might endanger national security or cause damage to any relevant employer or person, with strict confidentiality.
  • Objectivity: We commit ourselves to discharging our statutory duties honestly, impartially, even-handedly, reasonably and fairly.
  • Justice: We shall perform our functions in strict compliance with the principle of administrative justice.
  • Quality: We shall discharge our statutory duties diligently, effectively, professionally, promptly and in a cost-effective manner.